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    I'm working on my first Akelos app after doing the booklink tutorial, and I'm having difficulties with the URL rewrite. I had a similar problem with the booklink tutorial, which I resolved in my httpd.conf file by canceling an override directive. I don't think I understand exactly how RewriteBase works. The issue is this: if I install my akelos app at the root level of my user directory (as in the booklink tutorial), the URL rewrite goes fine. But if I install the akelos app in some subdirectory, such as ~/Documents/akelos/mynewapp, I can't get past the 403 forbidden message from the browser. What do I need to set RewriteBase to in order to get this to work? RewriteBase /mynewapp works only when the app is located at ~/mynewapp. thanks, and I apologize for being so braindead today. ;-)
    • CommentAuthorpweil
    Never mind -- problem solved. I guess I should have waited another 5 minutes before posting ;-).
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