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    I am taking look at Akelos for web app development. Is it still being actively developed/maintained? It seems like Bermi has done the majority of work on his own...very impressive! Just trying to get an idea of future stability of the framework.


    Akelos v1 is no longer developed. I don think there are developers enthusiastic about coding PHP4 compatible apps :)

    I haven't developed Akelos apps myself for almost 2 years wich has slowed down incredibly the peace at wich we are preparing Akelos 2.

    Fortunately I'll start working on a new PHP application and will use Akelos for that.

    Akelos 2 drops PHP4 support but tries to maintain most API interfaces is being developed on Github

    I will migrate this whole site to github once Akelos 2 is stable. Github might make it easier for others to contribute, fork and provide feedback.