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    I am curious and in need of opinions from others who are experienced with akelos.

    I have a system which I need to import data into on a regular basis. This information can be of various model types (notes, users, contacts, etc...).
    Currently the import tries to use the standardizing ability that akelos provides and does a very very very long process of following the architecture one entity at a time, for instance, creating a user record from a webpage which would provide interfaces for phone numbers, address and the like is the exact same process done during a cvs import one record at a time.

    This does not work, the larger the data set the worse the import time and it is not scalable for our needs, for instance it can take up to 8 hours for an import. Being a coder, I want to dive in and create sql statements to achieve the goal but we have many developers adding functionality to the system, each with their own set of business rules, so maintaining import scripts is a huge cause for concern.

    Is there any way to have the business logic and standardization of akelos but have the import power of straight sql?

    Man I hope this makes sense...
    Thanks for any help, suggestions, comments or wows... :)