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    • CommentAuthorpanta
    Hi, I'm facing a wired page output when I navigate to the welcome page.
    Application files are successfully generated via command line "./akelos -d /path/to/app"

    Does anyone have a clue? See the screenshot.
    I'm new to akelos
    • CommentAuthorsuthern

    Really odd. It looks like an encoding issue between what PHP's OUTPUT and what your webbrowser thinks it is getting.

    Have you tried looking at it with a packet anaylizier? Or perhaps FireBug? That might tell you if the that data is all there, just interpreted wrong in the browser.

    • CommentAuthordale
    I have seen this before.

    In my case the issue was that Akelos was zipping the output and then Apache was zipping on top of that. I can't recall exactly how I resolved the issue. I think initially I actually went into the Akelos code and commented out the zip functionality while I as poking around. There might be an AK config option to turn it off.
    • CommentAuthordale
    As a followup, I have just discovered the "disable_gzip" option. If you add this to the FrameworkSetupController (and you probably want it on ApplicationController too) then you should see the normal page:

    class FrameworkSetupController extends AkActionController
    var $disable_gzip = true;

    Not sure if there's a more elegant way to change the config for this but it's sufficient.