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    • CommentAuthorSamuelVega
    Hi, I'm a Rails developer and I want to use akelos2.
    I'm just downloaded the last version (akelos edge):
    git clone git://github.com/bermi/akelos.git

    I'm trying to test the tutorial booklink, but I dont have script folder. I don't know how start to create my application.
    Has the way to create an application changed with the current version? Should I use makelos for this?

    I'm new in Akelos so I still feel a little lost. Thanks for your help!
    • CommentAuthorSamuelVega

    Solved: First we need to take a look at: https://github.com/bermi/akelos/blob/master/docs/guides/en/getting_started.textile

    But there are some problems with the windows setup

    1 - Instead of: "$ ./akelos /path/to/your/blog" you have to use "php makelos akelos:create_app --hide-makelos-folder C:\path\to\your\blog"

    There is a problem because windows can not run ./makelos, maybe you should create a bat file for windows users.

    2 - There are some lines in the "config/routes.php" file that reference to akelos_dashboard that do not exist.

    I hope it helps you!

    • CommentAuthordarrell
    This will drop all other existing databases you have!