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    • CommentAuthorpogeybait4883

    I'm using an older version of Akelos (version 0.9) and am browsing the code to get a good idea of how frameworks work. While doing so I was looking at AkRequest.php and found a method, getAccepts(), which is identical to a method found in AkRequestMimeType.php.

    AkRequest.php "requires" AkRequestMimeType.php:


    And then does nothing more to instantiate that class.

    Here is the problem. In AkRequest.php in the getAccepts() method, it reads:

    $mime_struct = $this->_parseMimeType($acceptable);

    The _parseMimeType() method is located in the AkRequestMimeType object which has only been included. Shouldn't it read:

    $mime_struct = AkRequestMimeType::_parseMimeType($acceptable)

    or am I missing something here?



    • CommentAuthorpogeybait4883

    After carefully browsing the AkRequest.php file, it appears the mime stuff was here originally and was later moved to the AkRequestMimeType class and therefore the getAccepts() method must be left over from when it was part of the AkRequest class. That's why it is still referencing the _parseMimeType with $this->.

    Looks like Akelos needs a little housekeeping lol.

    -- Pogeybait