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    You'll be working with a great team of extremely smart developers who care deeply about design, performance, and security and are willing to invest in it, and a management team that will give you all the support you need.

    Technical Requirements:
    * Expert knowledge of the LAMP (PHP) stack.
    * Great command of MySQL.
    * You can design, implement, and optimize data schemas based on project requirements/growth prospects.
    * You are paranoid about system, network, and application security.
    * You can write solid, well-documented code, well-tested code, without the use of an IDE.
    * You take scalability, performance, and security into account when writing code.
    * You can create an API for consumption by 3rd parties and other developers.
    * You use SVN, are familiar with Apache rewrite rules, shell scripting.

    Addition Requirements:
    * A track record of great teamwork although you have the ability to work independently and drive projects to completion.
    * Excellent command of written and spoken English.