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    i'm sending html messages with references to images using AkActionMailer. I am receiving the message ok in most mail clients (thunderbird, gmail, yahoo....), but i can't make it work in HOTMAIL. I am receiving an empty message....

    I set the mailer parameters like this:

    'recipients' => 'xxxx@hotmail.com',
    'subject' => 'asunto',
    'from' => 'noreply@server.com',
    'body' => array('title'=>$title),
    'content_type' => "text/html"

    i hope anyone has resolved this before....
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Delia,

    we've been sending multipart emails with images and so far hotmail did not complained.

    Can you post the raw message so we can try to help you with this issue?

    • CommentAuthordelia
    hi bermi,
    i've just seen your response!! after doing a lot of tests, finally changing the delivery_method (from "php" to "smtp"), it does works... (dont ask me why...)....

    now, i have problems with the delay in the reception of messages sent to some addressess (for example, gmail...)....
    • CommentAuthordelia
    hi bermi,
    i keep on with this problem with hotmail..... I have a question...

    is there a way to use the AkMailer to send "text/html" content, but that the class doesnt transform the content/type from

    Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8;


    Content-Type: multipart/related;charset=UTF-8;boundary=506bce4c021b15f46a9a5d66b9e53625

    and keeping the references to images in the original way, like that: http://www.server.com/images/image.png
    • CommentAuthordelia
    please, anyone could help with this?
    • CommentAuthordelia
    finally i changed the value of the variable $_attach_html_images from true to false (in the AkMailBase class) and, the messages are arriving ok now ... (i dont know if there is another way to achieve this...)