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    • CommentAuthorhezyse
    Hi, I'm using php 5.3 for windows and I'm experiencing a lot of errors saying that certain methods are deprecated.
    Should I downgrade to 5.2?

    Akelos 1.0 will complain depending on your error settings on PHP5.2. I should work fine if you change error reporting levels. Try changing error reporting on PHP5.3 before downgrading.

    A PHP5.3 with error reporting set to E_STRICT is on the works and Akelos 2 in a couple of weeks.

    • CommentAuthorhezyse
    I read the ling you added. indeed my php.ini was set correctly.
    the last post there said that "Everywhere that Akelos set the error reporting level to E_ALL, I calculated my own error level like so: $MY_ERROR = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED; and used that instead". I performed search for files including E_ALL and it found nothing. can you tell me where I should perform this.