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    • CommentAuthordelia
    i have filled my locale file in /config/locales/es.php with my strings in this way:

    $dictionary = array();
    $dictionary['first'] = "primera";

    but the translation doesnt seem to work...

    i dont know what parameters must i set to get it work....

    any idea?

    • CommentAuthordelia
    no one can help me with this?? what parameters/constants must i set to get this working?? Thanks in advance!
    • CommentAuthorgow
    Hi delia,
    did you solve this problem? I also have this problem.
    My environment is windows vista, xampp 1.6.8(php 5.2.6), akelos 1.0.1.

    And does anyone know where to put a locale file (like es.php) for error messages about validation ?
    • CommentAuthorgow
    I found the solution, though don't know why.

    1.edit below file
    old> ak::t('next')
    new> ak::t('next', array(), 'localize/paginator')

    2.copy locale file
    copy config/locales/ja.php to app/locales/localize/paginator/ja.php
    • CommentAuthordelia
    hi gow,
    i didnt find the solution..... i'll test with the one you have found.