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    Im trying to use the "select" option as stated in the AkHasAndBelongsToMany.php

    <tt>select</tt>: By default, this is * as in SELECT * FROM, but can be changed if you for example want to do a join, but not include the joined columns.

    Has this been deprecated? I do not see anything referencing this in the constructSql() method. This is what I'm trying to do:

    $this->comments =& $this->Comment->find( 'all', array( 'limit' => $this->sort_limit, 'offset' => $this->sort_offset, 'order' => $this->sort_order, 'conditions' => $conditions, 'joins' => $joins, 'select' => array('comments.*','submission_title') ));

    Not sure if I am using it wrong or if this support has been removed. Please advise. Thanks.


    That is a documentation bug. Custom column selection is not fully supported/tested yet in Akelos ActiveRecord finders.

    I'll comment on your other post about an alternative to handle large sets.