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    • CommentAuthorberseck
    Hello guys

    Im having here an problem that I cant figured out how to souve it I think it shoud be easy, but I dont know how to do it
    I have this route:
    $Map->connect('/films/:uniquetitle', array('controller' => 'film', 'action' => 'show','module' => 'film'));

    Movies name came with: http://www.myurl.com/films/up for example

    Ok its working fine no problem with that
    But in this tpl show I have one part that have lot of images, so I'm making like a gallery and I would like to put some direct links to this images
    So I was trying something like this:
    $Map->connect('/films/:uniquetitle/images/:picture_name', array('controller' => 'film', 'action' => 'show','module' => 'film'));

    But when I do that my direct link to filmes on my URL get this /images too

    And I would like to have 2 diferente routes one for my utitle and another one for the picture name
    one for my direct movie names:
    And another one for pictures but same tpl:

    Anyone knows how to do that? is it possible?
    Thx in advance

    • CommentAuthorberseck
    I found my answear

    Just changing to
    $Map->connect('/films/:uniquetitle/:reffer/:picture_name', array('controller' => 'film', 'action' => 'show','module' => 'film', 'reffer' => OPTIONAL, 'picture_name' => OPTIONAL));

    And It is done ;)