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    Hi everybody,

    I am stuck with the AkActionMailer. I somehow miss something between gather the Form's inputfield-values and use them to send e-mails. I followed the instructions in the /lib/AkActionMailer.php. Here is what I did:

    ./script/generate mailer Notifier contactNotification

    Then I changed /models/notifier.php to the following:

    class Notifier extends AkActionMailer
      function contactNotification($params)
            'recipients'    => 'mymail@host.com',
            'from'          => $params['email'],
            'subject'       => $params['subject'],
            'contentType'   => 'text/html',
            'body'          => array(   'Sender'        => $params['email'],
                                'Subject'       => $params['subject'],
                                'Message'       => $params['message']),
            'headers'       => array(   'MIME-Version'  => '1.0',
                                'Reply-To'      => $params['email'],
                                'X-Mailer'      => 'PHP/'.phpversion())

    The /views/notifier/contactNotification.tpl look like this (but here I want to have all fields from the form available...):

        <h1>{$Subject} by {$Sender}</h1>

    In my Application Controller I have:

    function submit()
        if (!empty($this->params['contact']['email']))
            if (empty($this->params['contact']['message']))
                $this->flash['error'] = $this->t('<b>No Message</b> This is a required field.');
            } else {
        $Notifier = new Notifier();
        if ($Notifier->deliver('contactNotification', $this->params['contact']))
                    $this->flash['tip'] = $this->t('<b>Thank You!</b> We received your message.');
                } else {
                    $this->flash['error'] = $this->t('<b>An Error occured</b> Please try again.');
        } else {
            $this->flash['error'] = $this->t('<b>No E-Mail</b> We need this to contact you.');

    And the HTML Form in the template looks like this:

    <?php $contact_form = $form_helper->form_for('contact', $Contact, array('url' => array('action' => 'submit'))); ?>
      <b>_{Name}</b>        <?= $contact_form->text_field('name'); ?><br />
      <b>_{eMail}</b>       <?= $contact_form->text_field('email'); ?><br />
      <b>_{Subject}</b>     <?= $form_options_helper->select('contact', 'subject', array('Contact me', 'Question', 'Information', 'General/Other')) ?><br />
      <b>_{Message}</b>     <?= $contact_form->text_area('message') ?><br />
      <input type="submit" value="_{Send}" />
    <?= $contact_form->end_form_tag(); ?>

    When I send the form (with valid data), I get the message: "Fatal error: Class 'Notifier' not found in /myproject/app/controllers/myproject_controller.php"

    I think I have also some basic misunderstanding in handling this. How can I access the mailer model? Forbear with me, as I am just very new to Akelos.

    Anyway, appreciate all your help,


    Well, I guess you can forget it - looks like I was able to solve it thank to this Discussion :)

    I edited my initial post so it shows now the working code...

    However, I'd appreciate any comments on the code above if there are things I could to "better".