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    • CommentAuthordelia
    i am trying to use the validatesAcceptanceOf method of ActiveRecord but it doesnt seem to work....

    i call it from validateOnCreate (in class User)
    function validateOnCreate()
    $this->validatesAcceptanceOf('terms_of_service', 'Debe aceptar las condiciones de uso');

    i dont know if i must declare the attribute "terms_of_service" in any place ...as it doesnt exists in the database...

    thanks in advance!
    • CommentAuthorsuthern

    'terms_of_service' must refer to a form element which was on the page submitted. Most likely a check box.

    Perhaps someone could chime in about how to create a temporary element with no database field attached, for just this kind of purpose?

    • CommentAuthordelia
    i tried to include a member in the User model, but it doesnt work. It's always receiving an empty value from the field form...
    • CommentAuthordelia
    i have found the solution here: <a href="http://forum.akelos.org/discussion/177/">http://forum.akelos.org/discussion/177/</a>