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    • CommentAuthorkkrzyzak
    I'm using akelos dev preview version(from http://www.akelos.org/releases/akelos_framework-0.9.tar.gz here) & admin plugin.
    Everything was fine,but suddendly something get broken and I can't login.
    on request /admin, I've got error like this:
    I was looking for cause of this problem - and propably I've found it.
    In user model, there is authenticate() method.
    There's something like this:
    $UserInstance =& new User();
    (User model extends ActiveRecord) - but, I've checked ->
    var_dump($UserInstance->_db) == null (db login pass etc are correct, because other models can connect to DB)
    Any hints will be greatly appreciated
    Sorry for my language errors - English isn't my native lang.