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    • CommentAuthoromegasharp
    In Ruby on Rails, popular restful_authentication and login_sugar all have a variable @current_user set.
    After I installed the admin plugin, I browsed into the code, and seems there is a CurrentUser variable set in somewhere.
    However I have no luck to use it.

    Then I tried to add these into my ApplicationController:
    function __construct()

    function load_current_user()
    if(User::isLoaded() ){
    $this->CurrentUser =& User::getCurrentUser();

    In another controller:
    function order()
    else {

    It seems that CurrentUser is not set even though I have logged in.
    Any clue?

    ps: Any particular reason to use role based control instead of typical RoR behavior below?
    before_filter :authenticate_user, :except => [ :login, :signup, :forgot_password, :validate]
    before_filter :wizard_required, :only => [:index, :list, :new, :create, :edit, :update, :destroy]
    • CommentAuthorkelyar
    try running it as before_filter in application_controller

    function getCurrentUser() {
    $Sentinel =& new Sentinel();
    $this->CurrentUser = &$Sentinel->getUserFromSession();
    return true;

    this will give you $this->CurrentUser in controllers and $controller->CurrentUser in views
    • CommentAuthoromegasharp
    Thanks, this works!