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    • CommentAuthorheart4uganda
    How cool would it be to have a web-based-wizard (or druid to stay in open source terminology) that would allow you to create your table similar to the M$ Access table builder with options as to what the filed should look like, where the data of your select-box need to come from etc etc.
    To define the relationships between tables...
    To build the admin ACL options and so forth.
    Would this not quickly become a great alternative for M$ Access?
    • CommentAuthorhaakon
    Don't really see the relation between this and MS Access.

    I understand how you would want a GUI to set up your models. But Akelos is already really really simple to configure, compared to all other php/perl based frameworks I have seen.
    And it really is that easy that I would think that making a wizard for it, would be a waste of time. Using "script/generate model" and editing a easy understandable file can't be that much easier to do with a wizard. (imho)