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    • CommentAuthorrobw00t
    hello, I'd like to do this:

    <%= render :partial => 'header'; %>

    In multiple page layout template files. I'm trying to create some consistent header html on all of my pages. I'm a beginner at akelos, any suggestions would be appreciated :)

    I've placed a _header.tpl file in views/layouts but it does not render when the above line of code is entered into views/layouts/page.tpl. It does work, however, if the _header file used within other view folders.

    • CommentAuthorhaakon

    If you use application.tpl, you put your whole design in there, and in the middle of the design, where you want the content, you put:

    <%= flash %>

    Then you can create several of these files inside views/layout/, for example create mylayout.tpl, and change between them with

    var $layout = 'mylayout';

    In the top of your controller, or change $this->layout inside your action.