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    • CommentAuthorleonard

    First, let me thank Bermi for the great screencasts. They really help getting started with Akelos. I have only comment about them though. The video quality on them could be just a tad higher so the code could be easily readable. Most of the time is not a big problem, however I got stuck with the code around time 8:33 on the Admin screencast. On the ticket.php page we have this:

    if(User::can('Solve issues', 'Ticketing system')){

    I can't figure out what goes next.

    Also there is line of code just a few seconds later on config.php which I can't figure out much pass define(...

    Thank you,

    So, you mean you need a high definition video for the screencast?
    • CommentAuthorflyguy35
    Nobody is saying they need a HD video, I think Leonerd was just asking for help, not asking for a HD video. SO, if you can help that would be great.

    This is an amazing framework and the admin plugin is great but I don't think anyone watching that video would be able to make that out.

    If anyone has the code it would be great if they could post it. It is hard to follow along after the 8min 30 sec mark.