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    Please help me to convert this RoR script to akelos php, i dont know how to do it:

    <%= link_to_function "Add More" do |page|
    page.insert_html :bottom, :table_ajax, :partial => "user_skill", :object=>User.new
    end %>

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    <%= link_to_function "Add More", "new Insertion.Bottom('table_choices','<div id=\'choice\' ><b>Enter Choice</b> : <input name=\'profile_question_list[detail_attributes][][detail]\' size=\'30\' type=\'text\' /><a href=\'#\' onclick=Element.up(this).remove(); >&nbsp;<b>Delete</b></a></div>')" %>

    I wish i could get short way of this matter, but i could not get it yet, so that i use newbie way. if you have short way of my code using prototype_helper or combining it with javascript_helper, please tell me. Thank you..