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    • CommentAuthorGKSR
    I know that akelos is seo friendly, but I want to know whether I can generate urls having content rather than ids.

    Say, for example, I have a url like www.example.com/controller/model/id/

    Can I modify the above url as follows(similar to the discussion urls in this forum, look at the url in this page):

    1. www.example.com/controller/model/usa/ (id:1 has title/name(in dbase) as USA or united stats of America) or
    2. www.example.com/controller/model/united-states-of-america/ or
    3. www.example.com/controller/model/1/united-states-of-america/ or
    4. www.example.com/controller/model/1/usa/

    Can I generate such types of urls so that it's seo friendly as well as I can push the keywords into the url for better page ranks.

    And also I see that the models and controller names don't accept hyphen(-) and only underscores(_) are accepted. I have read in one of books that search engines consider hyphens more than underscores.
    • CommentAuthormasylum
    You have to play with the condig/routes.php file!

    The route www.example.com/controller/model/id/is the default one, you need to create your new ones like:

    An example of what you want to do could be:

    $Map->connect('/countries/:id/:country_name', array('module'=>'foo','controller' => 'bar', 'action' => 'show'));

    params['id'] and params['country_name'] are then available in action show in controller bar at module foo.