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    • CommentAuthorGKSR
    While validating, if the end user doesn't fill all the required fields, he will receive some error messages.
    Error msg:

    11 errors prohibited this Owner from being saved //need to modify

    There were problems with the following fields: //need to modify

    * First name can't be blank
    * Last name can't be blank
    and so on......

    Can I modify the first two error message listed (marked as need to modify) into one simple message like "Please correct the following errors."

    Is this possible?
    • CommentAuthordelia
    hi GKSR,

    to solve that, i've included this lines in the locales files:

    $dictionary['%number_of_errors %errors prohibited this %object_name from being saved'] = '';
    $dictionary['There were problems with the following fields:'] = "";

    This solution doesnot show any of the messages....

    I dont know if it's the right solution ...but it works!