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    • CommentAuthorkskoglund
    I have run into a very peculiar bug and need help. If I have a template with more than 8K of output, such as:

    $limit = 8001;
    for ($i = 1; $i <= $limit; $i++) {
    echo '.';

    ...it will return a response that has some extra characters added to the top and bottom. You won't typically see them, most browsers ignore them, but you can see them if you use wget from the command line to get the page. If you drop the response down to 8000 characters or less, the extra characters go away and you get the output you would expect. If you put the same code in /public/output_test.php you will not get the extra characters, so it is definitely something that Akelos is doing while assembling the response. I tried using renderText and changing Content-Type with no luck.

    It's not such a big deal for HTML output, but this causes a BIG problem when outputting XML because it will invalidate the XML and prevent a lot of folks from seeing it.

    Does anyone know why is it happening and what can be done to fix it?

    HTTP 1.0 clients need to know when the content has been completely sent and Akelos did not send Content-Length implicitly. See some content length facts.

    This has been fixed on rev.1248

    Thanks for reporting.

    • CommentAuthorkskoglund
    Thank you! Both for the exceptionally quick patch and for explaining what was causing it. My HTTP knowledge just grew a little.