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    I'm brand new to this php frameworks lark. I'm seasoned php, and have access to php4 + php5 environments.

    Being open minded I've posted the same question on the forums board of all other frameworks.

    Why would I dedicate some time to building my application with this framework as opposed to developing my solution with

    Kohana or

    I don't want to spark controversy or anything like that. I am just genuinely looking for opinions on why Akelos has the upper hand.

    Background to my proposed solution.

    I am, over the weekend, going to build a listing solution
    for special offers.

    The solution will be user driven, so registration, security and validation is needed.
    Each listing will also be categories by multiple criteria, so something like multiple directories / categories

    I will also have some emailing / pdf templating requirements
    as well as the ability to rank these offers, so like a digg / vote up or down.

    Also (man I'm getting long winded)
    I want to have the ability to drag / drop to save to a basket

    I've had a look at the linkster CI application and it seems like a reasonable start on the road towards this.

    I look forward to your opinions.