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    i have an application where AK_URL_REWRITE_ENABLED is false, and i want the URL to show the "index.php" call.

    Like that:
    and not like that:
    http://<<akelos_application>>/?ak=/account/login (index.php doesnt appear here!!! and i dont know how to configure the application to show it..)

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Delia,

    Right now it is not supported, although it might be easy to modify it's behaviour by editing lines 294, 296 and 316 on lib/AkRouter.php


    DirectoryIndex index.php

    works on your .htaccess?

    • CommentAuthordelia
    hi Bermi,
    i want the string "index.php" to appear in the url to get it working with IIS 5.1, because if not, i am not able to configure the "POST" calls. I think is an error with the IIS5.1+PHP.....In fact, i am going to leave the investigation, because i am getting crazy :)

    Thanks anyway

    Delia, try to apply the attached patch to your Akelos working copy. If it works let me know so Akelos can support better IIS in the future.

    • CommentAuthordelia
    hi bermi,
    i'm afraid i dont use subversion (i suppose patches are part of subversion), but, i did what you told me (to include the "index.php" in the AkRouter.php) and it works ok in IIS5.1.

    PD: i have subversion in my to-do list .....

    Great to hear it works.

    If you want to get started with subversion, I recommend you some simple clients like Versions for Mac Os or TortoiseSVN for windows.