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    • CommentAuthordelia

    Hi Delia,

    I did not forget about Akelos. Although I do not longer work at Akelos Media (the company were I worked while creating this framework), I still using Akelos on my new startup BermiLabs on a daily basis for several large scale projects.

    If you have a look at the trac timeline you'll find out we still fixing stuff.

    We also have an internal repository with some cool plugins we will release once we get permission from our customers.

    Regarding other core members, Arno Schneider has had some serious health problems and hopefully will be back soon, and Kaste might be busy on other interesting stuff. I'm sure we'll get all together and move faster once we take the big step of dropping PHP4 and release a PHP5/6 only version.

    I feel very sorry for not being active lately on the forums. My ongoing client projects are taking all my time and energy.

    Some good news about Akelos future will follow soon :)

    • CommentAuthordelia
    uff!, thanks Bermi. I just thought we were alone ;).
    • CommentAuthorcurve
    We are using Akelos in a commercial web application and have also lately been afraid (very afraid) that the project is dying. Its good to hear that there are still some commitments.

    In the future we would like to be bigger contributors to the project as well.
    • CommentAuthoralake

    Hey, curve.. This is Alan Lake, Akelos' wiki master. Bermi called me that because of my contributions to the Documentation on the Wiki. You could help me with a problem.

    My principle for documenting is to approach things from the viewpoint of the person using Akelos. This means not just documenting functions, but documenting them in a useful context. Because I'm a beginner with Akelos (and to a lesser degree PHP as well) my written documentation requires that my comments be based on code that I've written and that I've tested. Examples of this can be found at http://wiki.akelos.org/gettingstarted_en and http://wiki.akelos.org/acts-as-nested-set#addresses-example. (I'm still working on this and following sections.)

    There's just too much documentation that needs to be done and writing with these principles is time consuming. Contributors to the wiki will make Akelos more viable for everyone.

    Is English a second language to you? Do you not feel comfortable writing documentation because of your writing skills? You might write a neat piece of code that highlights a feature of Akelos. You might document it to the best of your ability on the wiki, then notify your wiki master through the Documentation forum. I'll edit your submission and update the wiki.