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    • CommentAuthorMartin
    I noticed that Akelos consumes a lot of memory. I hed an error when I loaded information about 3000 books. I put a code to check memory usage:
    @ini_set('memory_limit', -1);
    $this->_Logger->message("Mem: ".memory_get_usage());
    $this->book_pages = $this->pagination_helper->getPaginator($this->Book, array('items_per_page' => 3000));
    $this->_Logger->message("Mem: ".memory_get_usage());
    $options = $this->pagination_helper->getFindOptions($this->Book);
    $this->books =& $this->Book->find('all', $options); │
    $this->_Logger->message("Mem: ".memory_get_usage());

    This is output I get:
    Sun, 07 Dec 2008 00:41:12 +0100 [MESSAGE] Mem: 16162088
    Sun, 07 Dec 2008 00:41:12 +0100 [MESSAGE] : SELECT count(*) AS count_all FROM books
    Sun, 07 Dec 2008 00:41:12 +0100 [MESSAGE] Mem: 16758992
    Sun, 07 Dec 2008 00:41:12 +0100 [MESSAGE] selecting: SELECT * FROM books LIMIT 3000
    Sun, 07 Dec 2008 00:41:22 +0100 [MESSAGE] Mem: 65275872

    Is it normal that Akelos consumes 16M of memory before invoking SQL?
    Memory size that was used by Akelos after SQL was more than 64M of memory, I don't think that it is normal.

    I wrote simple script in php that were generating the same page and I had 253968 memory used before SQL and 8597096 after the same SQL.
    • CommentAuthoroisucf
    I've noticed a performance change after I upgraded to the latest nightly build. I posed a note about it here: http://forum.akelos.org/discussion/676/

    Maybe this is related? Memory hole garbage collection issue perhaps?
    • CommentAuthordemaio
    Akelos is like an elephant comparing to codeIgniter for example.It is not optimized ... I just finished third of three apps using it. Each main script uses more than 10 MB memory ... ;( I think there will be need to rewrite them because of this in the future ...
    This is the end of my co-operation with this framework ... It is years behind likes Merb, Rails, CodeIgniter , Zend etc ...
    It lacks good info ... There is no community ... In other words this project is dead ...
    I hope pople who are new to akelos will not go deeper in to it ... It is frustrating to search for essential solutions related to this frameworks...
    They are not availeable ... framework is heavy, and behaves unpredictably in many cases ... It discourages ... especially people who can't afford spending weeks looking for errors ... Trace is something which is something new to Akelos creators as well ... In rails tracing is essential !!!

    Happy xmas to all
    • CommentAuthortanaka
    demalo, I know your discouragement.
    But it means there are a lot of points we can implove, doesn't it?

    For example, to change DAO from adodb to PDO, to discard the code for PHP4,
    to add a light mode to AkActiveRecord, and much more ingenious ideas to be lighter and faster and easier to use.
    It's not a problem for Akelos what other frameworks are. Akelos has its own ideal, and it's enough to seek it, I think.

    Akelos may not work as you like just now. But I think Akelos will be better framework in the near future, then I'm happy you'll use it again.

    Happy xmas!
    • CommentAuthorinsanet
    i agree. akelos has great potential but first need to evolve a bit more.
    first php4 compatibility should be totally discarded soon, and in fact be priority.
    one other problem that also see with rails, is that is expected that you just follow the flow of coding they provide, there is no explanation how things occure or why they did occure.

    from my experience i can tell you, you cant follow everything to the line, some things are just to heavy to use activerecord, but that doesnt mean that you are forced to write spagguetti code, there is nothing to stop you from keep writing well designed code.

    see this post: http://forum.akelos.org/discussion/143/slow-findbysql/

    i used this to do some reporting. and keep it in the model.
    of course now they are arrays but just need to change {model.name} to {model-name} // uses "-" to access by key an array.
    and the paginator is just a link creator, (i personally believe "paginators" in general should be called link creators they only do that), still can be used if you specify some values as the total of rows, and the offset, there is a post here showing how it is done.

    the point is we should use our creativity to overcome problems, i dont love akelos , i hate a lot of things in fact =), but is my choice right now.
    • CommentAuthordemaio
    I hope you are right ...
    I just want to say one important thing , which is obvious for everyone who has ever written any reusable piece of code ...
    Community will not grow when foundation is poor ... I would love to contribute to this project but ... not in the situation when everything which has been written so far is so poorly documented ...

    SImple things are really simple with Akelos ... but when things become complex ... then one have to spend hours looking for the smallest line of code which causes warnings , errors etc ...

    Without proper documentation I will not touch this framework any more ... Now it is like reading perl scripts ... You can read it but in the end you are more and more fed up with it ...

    Regards ,
    • CommentAuthorMartin

    @insanet The problem is that even without invoking any SQL you have 16MB memory used on the beginning of controler.