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    I thought it would be nice to make this forum more like community so I created this topic. I start it by describing myself.

    I'm a 18-year-old Finnish highschool student and I've been playing with PHP for two years now, I think. I have 12" PowerBook and use it for my PHP programming and schoolwork. I play a couple of instruments: guitar, French horn, bass... Music style is metal \,,/

    I'm afraid that's all I know about myself =)


    I think this is a great idea.

    I am a web developer in Cary, North Carolina (USA). I have been developing php apps/sites for 10 years, with my focus shifting in the last 2 years to Ruby/Rails for my main job at http://reccenter.com and using php5 frameworks for development of websites for my other work at http://indierockmedia.com.

    I have too much "equipment" to list, but i am a mac person through and through, though i do now have parallels on an intel macbook pro to test all this crazy ajax stuff on "that other browser".

    I am a big fan of design patterns and advocate the use of them at every opportunity (REST, MVC, ORM, etc.).

    My non-work interests include my wife, travel, and music(mostly indie rock).

    I'm a 29yo. Spanish web developer who's started coding in Basic at the age of 12 and nowadays enjoys coding in PHP, Ruby, Python and Javascript.

    I like traveling, contributing to Open Source projects, graphic design, reading, and smooth jazz/r&b music.

    Some Open Source projects I've contributed are:

    I'm co-owner of a small software development company and my daily tasks include improving Akelos for solving problems in our customers applications.

    I use to work in my PowerBook G4 with an external 20" screen.

    I live in near Barcelona and use to attend to this PHP meetup whenever I can.

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    Hi all, nice to meet you! I'm a 19-year-old web developer and university student in Southampton, England. I've been coding in PHP since I was 15, I've just started getting proper paid web development contracts, and I'm hoping Akelos will make my life easier in this respect. I was considering switching to using Ruby on Rails, but just read in Linux Format about Akelos today, so no need to abandon PHP :-) I hope to become a contributor to Akelos once I get the hang of it.

    Equipment-wise, I've got an Asus A6000 series running Kubuntu Linux, and a very old buckling spring keyboard.

    I'm also a member of HantsLUG, listen to rock and metal music, play bass guitar, and scambait.

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    Hi, I'm 21yo student from Jyväskylä, Finland. I've been using linux actively about 4 months. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, but I'm not going back for Windows. You can count me in those guys, who read the story about Akelos from LinuxFormat. I've been coding PHP as a hobby about 2 years, but my projects are always those everlasting things. So, I hope Akelos is going to give me a easy way to do cool websites without getting my head all confused. Keep up the cool looking work (I saw the video)! Hope I'll have some time to get it work on my Debian ;)

    Hobbies: computing, floorball, listening music (rock and metal) and sometimes paintball.

    About hardware... well, I'm using mostly my IBM T30 with Nokia 6120 as a modem ;)
    hello :)

    i am a software engineering student from vienna austria. i have been using php in the past when i got started in webdesign and web development back in 2001. i fell in love with ruby and ruby on rails about 2 years ago. i am a very happy mac user but really like *nix systems (solaris, debian, freebsd) in general. recently i was searching for a good php MVC framework with similarities to rails and found cakephp, codeigniter and many more. i found them quite interesting but got blown away by the akelos screencast. especially sintags, textile and internationalization support are awesome. i am a bit concerned about akelos still supporting php4 as i think it would be easier to just settle on php5 though i guess you have more insight on that topic than i have.

    as i saw you are using vanilla for the community forum i instantly decided to sign up.

    unfortunately there does not seem to be an irc channel. and the community is rather small right now. i guess i am going to settle on akelos for my php mvc needs.

    thank you very much for your efforts and for contributing to the open source community
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    Hi all,

    Mike Warren here - I'm a Java developer in the UK, but trying a bit of php for a running club website as php is the way to go for cheap hopsting and having loads of ready made stuff like forums etc. to use.

    Akelos looks great so far - I have been meaning to try Ruby on Rails, but haven't yet and PHP seemed to be lacking in the structure I'm used to with Java, (altho. I am stuck in getting it to work at the moment - but think its some simple Apache config. - see my post in the booklink tutotial thread).

    Also I like the convention instead over configuration idea.

    Anyway big thanks to everyone involved in it - looking forward to actually getting to use it
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    All right. I'm new to Akelos, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Alan, the American. There are a lot of Americans, but I'm the only one, so the police tell me, in this part of Finland. (FWIW, the police handle immigration in this country.) I live in Ryttylä, near Riihimäki. I'm 66 years old, a retired programmer.

    How I came to move to Finland at the age of 64 is a story I love to tell, but it's too long for here. I have a blog at http://ahlake.wordpress.com, in which I tell the story. Click on the Faith category and scroll down to the bottom. You'll see links to He Restoreth My Soul and to Hän virvoittaa minun sieluni. (Same story.)

    Jyrki, where do you live? Wolv, I'm a Linux fan, too. I am using Fedora 7. It would be great to be able to meet other guys in this kaunis maa (beautiful land). BTW, I speak very, very little Finnish. :-(

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    Jyrki, where do you live?

    I live in Rovaniemi, Lappland.. I thought I had written that in the first post but I didn't :) You're right, it would be great to have a "Finnish" Akelos meeting. If you're coming to Rovaniemi drop me a message so we could see face to face.



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    since so many people had introduced, I should use my poor english to say sth.

    I'm jervis jiang, from Suzhou of China, heared about Akelos 1 month ago. I'm like program, I like Linux (Ubuntu as my desktop).

    just tell these today :)

    Hi Everyone, I'm Kyle Campbell, I am a developer from Toronto Canada, I work mostly with javascript (mootools) php and bash. I started developing web apps when i was about 14 and everything I know I learned from reading other peoples code and examples on the internet. My website is http://slajax.com and I work a day job in a company that uses Java. It has driven me to love php more then ever. Java is over complicated. I am very greatful that Bermi started this akelos project. I think it will grow to be a very popular framework.

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    Hey all,

    I'm a 17-year old high school student in New Jersey, USA. I've started with php since middle school. I use windows (lame, I know). I came across akelos in the pass week and I'm using it to develop a club website. I dabble in php, c#, c/c++, javascript, and python. I spend most of my free time programming.

    That's all I know about myself, as of now. :)
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    Hi my name is Luis, 25 and a physics PhD. I would like to start a biig webproject and am still deciding on whoch framework to use. After trying a self assembled php, xajax, smarty solution I saw RoR and after studying some books I found Akelos. Now I am checking on development costs (I guess PHP programmers are cheaper and easier to find).

    In any case: I use a 17 inch Power Book G4 and a Intel Mac Mini with 19'' monitor. I programmed 4 years of PhP, but never very professional.

    Two suggestions: would it be possible to make this community search easier (than this topic). It would be cool to find Akelos programmers near you (I guess the community is still pretty young).
    And the second point. Could it be possible to get some nice jquery implementation (as I do not like script.aculo.us so much)

    me gusta mucho tu projecto y espero usarlo en el futuro!!
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    Hi, I'm Alexander Omez from Russia, PHP, ROR, JS, Perl and C developer. I'm 23 years old and in programming from 10 years old. I do some business projects in Web and by the way contribute and develope AltLinux. For 3 years was in AltLinux Dev Team
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    We've got a group at facebook.com. It is, surprisingly, Akelos PHP Framework Everyone is welcome to join it =)


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    My name is Abdoulaye Salam Fall , PHP, RUBY, Ruby on Rails. I am 31 Yo and been programming for about 6 years now, I mainly write Web Applications.
    I would love to contribute more to the Akelos framework, just because I love how it emulates RoR and even kicks it up a notch!.
    Hi there

    My Name is Oliver, I am 21 years old and live in Switzerland. I started developing in Basic at the age of 14, moved towards web development with (x)HTML and finally came to PHP (rather than going deeper into application development with Cocoa/Obj-C). I am a Mac user, too, like many others here. Currently I use a MacBook Pro 17'', and since a few days with Leopard installed (which is amazing, I think).

    Some friends and me, we started a project to develop a CMS-like application to use for different other webprojects (currently we are targeting for updates of www.swizz-clan.ch [Swiss Mac Users] and another clanpage). Last weekend we took a closer look at different PHP Frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony and, of course, Akelos. Akelos was our choice. So we initiated a phase for testing it, by creating a "sandbox"-like web app. We will now go deeper into Akelos till the end of November, which is when we decide if it matches our needs or not. Mainly we are targeting on community stuff like a forum in tree-view and also including AJAX elements.

    I am sure you will hear more from me and my friends due to the upcoming development with Akelos, where we probably will have some question ;-)
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    Hi all,

    Didn't saw this post til now so I will introduce myself ^_^

    I'm Jose (Ase), 29 years and living in Seville (Spain). I'm a web developer and network administrator and I've been developing mostly with PHP,HTML,JS about 8 years, self-learning (that's a loong learning-curve :P) but trying to improve and help more day by day. I'm also a mac user, iMac 20" + MacBookPro 17" the better change I've made in my life, hehehe... But I'm also a Linux servers fan, having an old Pentium II with Debian :D

    Actually I'm working in a small company doing a control system of green energy telemetry. One of the biggest projects I've done and, after trying some (too many) frameworks decided to use Akelos 'cause the human communication I saw in this community helps much more than any documentation :) Akelos works great is making my life much easier so congrats to the team!

    Leaving work, I love music, metal in all it's branches \m/, watch a good sci-fi movie and travel as much as I can...

    Once again, sorry 'bout my poor english and greetings to all the community :-)

    My name is Jon. Many call me Big Talk or Hulk Smash, depending on the situation.
    I am a 37 year old musician in Seattle (USA). I play saxophone with many different groups. It is now 3 AM, I just got home from a gig. I swung by a party after and got to talking to a girl about babies. This (of course) got me to thinking about my current adventures with the Akelos framework. So here I am looking around for answers to my many questions and I found this thread.

    I've been playing around with websites since 1995. Mostly as was useful for promoting bands I performed with. In my time online, I discovered a game called Black Nova Traders. I became so interested in this that I downloaded the source and installed it on m server. I then began picking apart the code (PHP).
    I began actively studying PHP on my own soon after. A friend told me about RoR and I began tripping in that.
    As has been mentioned in earlier posts, the deployment of a RoR app seemed like a drag. I looked around and found Akelos. It seems like a wonderful solution!
    I can stay in PHP and use MVC. Ultimately, I would like to build in Akelos and RoR (Ruby is pretty cool too.)

    I just "gave" my 12" PowerBook G4 running Panther to my wife Gretchen. I still use it for ProTools though. I got a new 15" MacBook Pro running Leopard with a 27" monitor. I also use an older G4 tower running OS 9.2 for ProTools as well (it has all those killer plugins that don't run on OSX!) - My old Pentium II is in the closet collecting dust.
    I play a Yanagisawa alto and an old King Zephyr Bari. I toy with a Synthophone.

    Thanks for listening, thanks for Akelos, and I am so pleased to make your acquaintance!
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    Hello, My name is Michael. I'm 19 yo webdeveloper from Zabrze, Poland ;) I've been coding in PHP since I was 14, however, I'm still looking for the best framework... "One, to rule them all" ;) (I hope, akelos will rule them all :) ) I am linux user for 4 years,and mac user for 6 months ;) I like travelling (bermi: I love Barcelona, city and club: Visca el Barça ! :P ), coding,playing paintball (Wolv, do You like forrest paintball, or speedball ? :P ) and listening to music (R&B, Hip-Hop, Techno) BTW: Sorry for my language erorrs- I'm still learning english ! :)

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    My name is Takeshi Morishita, 33 years old and live in Japan. I quit the company two years ago and turn freelance. I work web application and network development. I've been coding with PHP, Perl, RUBY, Python and JAVA. I build web and mail server with suse linux.

    I use PowerMac G5 and Sony PC. I like jazz, R&B music, and I druming the Japanese Taiko.

    Thank you and good luck to all your community member.

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    I'm Nathan from Washington, USA. My age of 22 seems about average for this site. I've been coding php on and off for about 3 years now. Only recently have I run across Akelos. My hobbys include RC helicopters, violin, and computer programming. ;)