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    • CommentAuthorenser
    Hi all!

    Is anybody known how I can make all templates to have same structure?
    For example I like all my layouts to have same partial included and all layouts to have same table structure.

    Now I have solved it putting in all my layouts (user.tpl, page.tpl...) the same contend and in all template folders (user, page...) I have copy of same partial for example _banner.tpl.

    Can anybody help me?

    • CommentAuthorinsanet

    you can just define in every controller

    var $layout = 'page';

    that way every controller will use the same layout.

    PS: maybe you can declare $layout in the application_controller to affect all the controllers at once, but im not pretty sure if it is gonna work, just an idea thought.

    • CommentAuthorenser
    Thanks insanet. I will try that.