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    • CommentAuthorMartin

    I had an application that was working for few months. I want to update akelos so I run svn up. After that I cannot connect to my test page and I have an error:
    Notice: You are still using the old config/config.php database configuration. Please upgrade to use the config/database.yml configuration. in /akelos/lib/AkActiveRecord/AkDbAdapter.php on line 107
    Fatal error: Could not find the database configuration file in /projects/aksample/config/database.yml. in /akelos/lib/AkActiveRecord/AkDbAdapter.php on line 110

    I have mysql Database. Next thing I did was to create new akelos project. I did that:
    script/setup -d /projects/aknew -p /www/aknew
    and than:
    ./script/configure -p password -n name -d dbname
    Missing file: /akelos/vendor/adodb/drivers/adodb-mn.inc.php
    <p>ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver 'dbname://root:pass@localhost'</p>Could not connect to the database

    What is a my problem with database?