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    I read usages for AkActionMailer and I do what directions tell me to do...
    But calling deliver method throws me an error and when I set $delivery_method = "smtp" it does nothing!

    Wich is the usage for sending a mail please!!


    I finnaly fixed it... nobody worry...

    • CommentAuthordelia
    hi talizmelf,
    perhaps you could help me. I have moved my application from one server to another and the mail sending doesnt work anymore. I get this error in the new server:

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class AkMailMessage could not be converted to string in /........ /lib/AkActionMailer/AkMailComposer.php on line 134

    The error is thrown in this line:
    function _callActionMailerMethod($method_name, $params = array())
    if (method_exists($this->ActionMailer, $method_name)) <=============================== HERE IS THE ERROR

    Any idea???

    Not a clue... If it was working fine and now it has a problem, it must be anything but the action mailer you made.

    • CommentAuthorgurlkiss
    hi! how did you make the sending mail possible? i tried the script/generate mailer Notifier and there was a fatal error. It says: I have to create and Action on the AkActionmailer.php

    I found the line but I dont know what to do and how will i make it work..anyone can help me?