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    • CommentAuthormetkelb
    Hello all,

    I just checked out the new akelos_framework and updated my config file to the new (config.yml and database.yml) structure...
    Everything seems ok but I get the following problem

    Warning: touch() [function:touch] Utime failed : Operation not permitted in akelos_framework/config/AKConfig.php 159

    155 function _setCacheValidity($namespace, $environment)
    156 {
    157 $cacheFilename = $this->_generateCacheFileName($namespace,$environment);
    158 $configFilename = $this->_generateConfigFileName($namespace,$environment);
    159 touch($cacheFilename,filemtime($configFilename));
    60 }
    the folder it is trying to access is has permission ' drwxrwxrwx ' with owner as the current User

    what shall i do?
    • CommentAuthormerindol


    I had the same problem. I deleted the whole config/cache folder (including himself) and all went ok.

    I don't know why this occurs. Maybe an Akelos guru knows.


    • CommentAuthordpinte
    I had the same problem here but it was worst. The cache directory came from one of the developpers laptop that was configured differently than mine. When starting the application, Apache aborted with a beautiful "segmentation fault".