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    Bermi, I know for the tpls that helpers should be instantiated (they're currently in the controller), for the matter of security within the views..
    I also have seen in akelos source files that some helpers are instantiated, even within other helpers (wich doesn't affect views security) and another times their methods are called statically...
    So, I would like to know when these helper need to be instantiated of if they are sometimes instantiated just for internal matter...
    I mean, to avoid using:


    And go straight to:


    within a helper.. thanks...


    If the helper method is static, you might use XxxHelper::xxx_method() inside helpers, but normally if they need to be tied to a controller instance like for generating URLs, you'll need a helper instance.

    We need to work on making helper calls more simple, and for that upcoming namespaces will help a lot.


    Good.... where is going to be posted that there is a new version available??

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    how to change the layout in the Akelos Framework!
    • CommentAuthorinsanet
    search in views/layouts/name_of_my_controller.tpl there is a layout for each controller and have the same name of the controller, you can assign specific layouts to controllers declaring "var $layout = 'main_layout';" in the controller