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    • CommentAuthorGKSR

    In property listing (property/listing/), I have a list of properties. When I click on any one of the properties(it goes to property edit page), the 'id' of that property should be added to sessions.

    code: function edit() { $this->_setPropertyId(); .... }

    function _setPropertyId() { $this->Credentials->setAttribute('propertyid', $this->params['id']); return true; }

    When i do this, the sessions are being added, but not the first time i.e. when i click on any property, it goes to edit property page. now the sessions are not added, but when I refresh this page, the sessions are then added. What I want is, when i click on the property, the sessions should be set, before it goes to the edit page. How can i achieve this?

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    Don't get this one. You don't save $this->Credentials. ?

    • CommentAuthorGKSR

    kaste, I am not saving the sessions/credentials in the database. I am using the 'Editam' style sessions using credentials.php(model) n calling it. do you mean its not possible?


    @GKSR, you might reference to a copy of the Credential model instead of a reference. BTW, Credentials on Editam is not really my favorite code :(

    i think its about loading the page, when the page is loaded the session is set and it works fine, it is added actually but not yet displayed because it is still set when the page is loaded, if you refresh the page, you can see it. if you want the session to be set before the it goes to the edit page, set the session at the listing controller, like what i did to my login page.