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    • CommentAuthorhaakon

    I'm going to create a portal with Akelos, and I need to have some dynamic data that is shown on "all" pages.
    Like a news-ticker on the left of a page, that has dynamic content.

    How would I do this, as it will be different controllers and actions for each page. Do I need to make some global function to fill the data for the views?

    How should I be doing this?
    • CommentAuthorarnoschn

    you can either use helpers or you pull the data with ajax and have an ajax controller which serves the data.
    These would be the two solutions I can come up with.

    I am working on the release of the caching branch, which will allow you to cache partials, actions and whole pages. That might be useful to you.
    I will work on documentation this weekend and hope to merge it into the trunk until Monday morning.

    • CommentAuthorhaakon
    I can't seem to find much documentation on how to use ajax in Akelos. I usually use my own library, but it would be nice to use a 'native' one instead.

    Have I missed something, are there some ajax tutorials or documentation I haven't found?

    Thanks for your help, need to read more on helpers then.