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    • CommentAuthormetkelb
    I have added a status model that contains a list of statuses for the books. 'in progress','completed','published';

    I have a list of the author's books in Author/view/show.tpl

    Im having issues attaching the status of the book in the authors books list.

    I used

    {book.book_status.name} -- in Book/view.show.tpl but that does not work in the author view.

    This works but cant do nothing with it book->book_status->getId();

    What should i do????
    • CommentAuthorsuthern

    Could you clarify a little bit? is 'status' model called 'status' or 'book_status'?

    • CommentAuthormetkelb
    Thank you for the reply suthern , but i figured it out what i did...
    I added a function in the author_helper to extract the status of the book...
    Sorry i just realized you replied to my post...