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    • CommentAuthorjervis
    <?php echo $prototype_helper->link_to_remote('index',array('update'=>'DivContent'), array('url'=>array('action'=>'homepage')));?>

    it throw error:

    Notice: Undefined index: url in /akelosapp/carCompany/lib/AkActionView/helpers/prototype_helper.php

    It should be

    <?php echo $prototype_helper->link_to_remote('index', array('url'=>array('action'=>'homepage')), array('update'=>'DivContent'));?>

    although the documentation stated what you used :(

    Thanks for reporting it, I've just fixed the documentation bug.

    BTW to make it even shorter you can use Sintags like

    <%= link_to_remote 'index', {:url'=>{:action=>'homepage'}}, :update=>'DivContent' %>