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    • CommentAuthordavelee

    I'm on a project that recently started with Akelo 0.8, and I figured it'd be in our best interest to switch to following svn trunk since it won't be a short project.

    The application directory has the akelos directory that came from 0.8, but I removed this and then added an svn:externals pointing to http://svn.akelos.org/trunk. That seems to work fine, except for two things:

    1.We have made a couple changes to Akelos internals, but since we're now using svn:externals, we can't commit these. At first glance, I think one change might eventually be a useful patch to submit, but others are project specific hacking. Does anybody have any advice about how to use svn:externals while maintaining customizations? Basically, if a developer makes a change to an Akelos file (that comes from an svn:externals), is there any advice on how to propagate these changes to other developers? Is there a way to have other developers perform an svn up and get these changes?

    2. What is the prescribed way to update the files outside of the akelos directory, for example the app's scripts directory. I ran the akelos command again, but had to --force it. It rewrote only one of our code files, app/application_controller.php, which we have customized, but otherwise worked well. Is this the way to go about this?

    Akelos is good quality and better than all the other PHP frameworks we researched, thanks to the developers and contributers.

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    I just don't think you can do this with svn in a 'right' way and that's a reason why I use git (with the git-svn bridge). Because there it's a no-brainer. I always thought I'm too dumb for svn, anyway.

    • CommentAuthordavelee
    yeah, it appears that svn is incapable of doing this simplistically.

    Kaste, any idea how to stay current with svn akelos? Basically, updating the scripts directory and any other directories in our app's structure.

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    I thought the --force thing worked pretty well.

    There aren't that many changes that often, though. You might ask your version control system for changes esp. in


    after updating your framework and then decide to copy the changes to your app dir.

    • CommentAuthordavelee
    Using --force did work fairly well, though it did make changes to one app directory source file that we edited, not a big deal. The one thing we experienced, and I haven't looked into it, is that we had to rerun all the database migrations, and rebuild our tables from scratch, losing our testing data. Not major, but we do want to update from Akelos svn frequently, and if we have to frequently rebuild our db, it'll be a bit of a pain.

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    Can you look into this. The migrations versions are stored in tmp/insta.. and from scratch I dont know why they should have been overwritten.

    (But after updating you always can ask svn what changed and revert in case.)

    • CommentAuthorpauld

    Subversion + Permission denied for tmp dir

    I added my project to subversion some time ago. Now it does not work (after updating akelos from trunk)? The reason was simple - the application tmp dir should not be subversioned (at least under windows XP) as write access is denied. After deleting the folder from subversion (using tortoise SVN) and recreating it everything was fine again.