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    • CommentAuthorprtscr
    Hi, I'm a PHP programmer from the beginning who haved ventured into Rails land. I really like Rails, exept one thing, deployment. It's always a hassle getting things off my local machine to the internet.

    Akelos seams really nice! So my question is, how is deployment with Akelos?


    Akelos applications application deployment is the same as in other PHP applications. Drag and drop the files to your web server!

    • CommentAuthorprtscr
    Thanks for the answear, very nice to hear indeed!
    • CommentAuthorjereme
    Rails deployment is a snap when you use Capistrano. Capistrano can be altered to deploy for any language and any project, it's really a fantasic deployment tool. It does come with a learning curve though.

    • CommentAuthornextstep

    Fair enough, but do you have to install all the Akelos lib files as well?

    I see that the Editam app (once you've built the source) includes everything in a sub folder , protected with the following .htaccess file:

    order allow,deny
    deny from all

    I presume that is the route to follow?

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    Fair enough, but do you have to install all the Akelos lib files as well?

    I don't get this one. In a multi-app environment you have one Akelos lib folder and multiple application folders. Just what you get when you setup your apps using the script.

    • CommentAuthorsuthern
    So just to clarify: When I publish to a web server, I need to include the |Application Name| directory AND the Akelos directory? Thanks!
    • CommentAuthorKaste

    in app/config/config.php you define('AK_FRAMEWORK_DIR', 'where/is/my/framework?'); the path to the framework.
    So we can't do without it.

    I upload all the file and configure the database, but then I got this message :

    CGI process exited before printing HTTP response headers.

    any work around for this?

    Thank you.