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    • CommentAuthorichbinweg

    How would I add a page with the same Layout and css but accessible for everybody (for example an index page), which could be showed before Login?

    thx. Sebastian

    • CommentAuthorichbinweg
    Is it possible to use "statically" an unregistered user and role, to provide the functionality of Sites, which could be accessed by everybody?

    Lets say we have a user "unregisterd" and a role "unregisterd" and in that controllers, which should be accessed by everybody, we provide that user (and password) "statucally in the code of the controller, so that the pages and authentication process could be accessed automatically (without interaction by the user).
    This process would exactly simulate a page accessible by wverybody...

    Hope i could express myself exactly...

    Thx an greetings,
    • CommentAuthorKaste

    Im not using the admin_plugin but can't you just use

    //In your controller
    var $protected_actions = 'index,show,edit,delete';

    Only the declared actions should now be 'protected'.

    • CommentAuthoralake

    The general issue under the heading of this post has now been addressed in the Wiki.