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    • CommentAuthorpchan
    Hi people,
    I'm new here and I've some difficulty with the Booklink database structure migration.
    My framework is
    ° Windows XP
    ° Xamp2.0 (Php 5.2 without the extension php_svn)
    ° Akelos 0.8 (latest file 17/10/2007) installed with d=p
    ° Booklink, as per http://akelos.org/docs/tutorials/booklink

    The big problem with Xamp is that the php.ini is different for command line and browser user. Akelos need the [call-time pass by reference] switch enabled. The browser php option is set very easily with the php settings menu. Not the cli php.

    So I changed the migrate script to migrate.php and manually feeding the arguments booklink and install. In the tutorial, I got to the part on database structure and had an error at the setup/migrate command. The message is "1046: No database selected".
    Printing out, the $dsn is "mysqlt://:@localhost/"

    There is mistake somewhere ... thanks for pointing it out.
    • CommentAuthorKaste

    you have to set up your db-settings in path/to/booklink/config/config.php. And you have to create your schemas (aka "databases") prior. the script should then create the tables for you.

    btw. what is xamp2.0? isn't it xampp 1.6.whatever?

    and we have a nightly build here

    • CommentAuthorpchan
    That's it! How silly of me!

    Ahh! I'm refering to WAMP and not XAMP. Sorry for the confusion.
    WAMPSERVER 2.0 is what it says in the ABOUT, downloaded in April 2008.

    Thanks a lot!
    • CommentAuthorfcedillo
    migrate script can't load my db-settings, they are not in config.php.
    i made a text search through my application and i found them in database.yml