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    • CommentAuthorGKSR
    I want to know whether akelos supports payment gateways like Authorize.net, PayPal etc..
    If so, are there any plugins for authorize.net, which i need to integrate in my project???
    • CommentAuthorGKSR
    Can any one help me out?

    No yet. You can search for akelos plugins in [1], but there aren't. If you want you can write one and contribute it!

    [1] http://wiki.akelos.org/plugins

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    Someone made a authorize.net wrapper/class for php5, I think. Less than 50$ ~

    Basically you can use all of these payment-gateways, you just consume a web-service.

    You don't get 'payment-help' for free very often, because ... the name says it.