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    Thank you for developing Akelos and for this new website!, I've been waiting for it since I saw some preview screenshots on the video you posted on dslreports.com

    I like its clean and intuitive design very much, as well as all the artwork.

    I hope that all these new resources help effectively to build a strong community around it.

    Jano (Spain)
    I too am enjoying the new site. I checked out akelos about a year ago i guess and ended up using phpontrax. With the apparent demise of that framework i have been researching a replacement for the times when i am forced to use php instead of ruby, and im near positive ive found the winner.

    The framework seems to have come so far!

    Thank you all for the nice words.

    I invite you all to use Akelos and help this community grow as it deserves, the foundations are in place. The code is well tested, and a new CMS using Akelos will be released soon for people who want to learn from inspecting existing applications.

    Happy coding!

    ...a new CMS using Akelos...

    These are great news, I wouldn't have imagined such an announcement at this point. I'm sure it will be a nice practical example of how to develop with this framework.