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    • CommentAuthorbennythemink
    Hi guys,

    I'm evaluating some web frameworks (CI, Kohana, RoR, web2py, Django, etc) for the company I work in. Our current code is a PHP 4 spaghetti mess and needs to be re-written. I messed around a bit with RoR and really liked it but porting all our code to ruby would be a bit much to ask of so thats where Akelos comes in.

    Just wondering if the community here could give me some information about Akelos using the following categories, I not looking for you to do my work, just some pointers to where i could get the info or one line answers where appropriate, thanks.

    - features
    - what size project this framework is aimed at (e.g. small to medium sites or large scale ecomerce sites)
    - performance
    - some pros & cons
    - does it require PEAR??

    PS - if management allows me, I will publish my comparisons of each framework and notify this community to its location to give something back for your help. Thanks.
    • CommentAuthorinsanet

    yes. does require PEAR.

    • CommentAuthorKaste

    Akelos comes bundled with some PEAR-packages. It doesn't require PEAR.

    • CommentAuthorbennythemink
    Thanks for your answers guys, any pointers to where I can find out the remaining information?
    • CommentAuthorKaste
    • features
    • basically a fair Router,
    • good code seperation with controllers,
    • the model can be used seperate,
    • I combined complex-domain-model with simple active-records-models
    • very good testing environment, esp. for models
    • I did a PHPUnit-testsuite which is/will be even better ;-)
    • everything is or should be localizable

    (I usually use it as a framework which should help me, not as a "please do things I have to write by myself".)

    • CommentAuthorbennythemink
    kaste, thanks very much for your input, just one question, how does it fair in performance? is it cakePHP slow or Code Ignitor/kohana fast, or somewhere in between?

    thanks again.
    • CommentAuthorbennythemink

    Hey guys,

    Well I did up a quick chart to compare the various web frameworks, Akelos is included on it. Its not finished so if you see any errors or would like me to add anything please feel free to say. I'm actually very interested in Akelos and would like its community to give suggestions as to how to improve the information I have on the chart about it.

    As I mentioned we have to rebuild our companys' code (PHP 4 spaghetti mess) and at the moment the winning framework is looking like it will be Kohana, Akelos or Ruby on Rails. So please try to pursade me as to why we should go for Akelos. if not, why not take a look anyway :)

    [Web Framework Comparison Chart URL] {http://thru-u.com/dev/frameworks/}

    • CommentAuthorpweil
    I suggest trying out two or three candidate frameworks (it's not entirely clear that you have, judging from your posts). Then you can form an opinion based on direct experience. I think that Akelos' core code and performance are first-rate, and speak for themselves. The core development team is very talented as well, albeit small. Unfortunately the community tends to be less active than I (and others, I'm sure) would like to see. Kohana looks interesting to me as well (I've seen you on their forum as well), in part because the community seems more active and the core team appears to be larger than Akelos' (although I could be wrong about this).
    • CommentAuthorbennythemink

    Hi again pweil,

    Sorry about the late reply, only saw your post now. Yes I will be trying out a few of the frameworks I have mentioned in that comparison chart, I'll prob do a sample blog application or a simple site in a few of them and see which one I liked best. Once I have I'll do up a post about my experiences in each framework and share it with each framework's communities.

    I'm really interested in Akelos but the very small community is slightly worrying. If I was using Akelos for just my own personnal websites it would not matter but since I'm reviewing it for the intention of a work related project then trying to find an answer to a problem would likely take too long. :(

    thanks for your input :)