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    In my blog tutorial I wanted to assign tags to posts so that I can display tag cloud. So, I generated/installed/scaffolded the Tags model. By when I try to execute it in browser it says:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class TagHelper in /home/aditya/blog/app/helpers/tag_helper.php on line 34

    The tag_helper created by scaffold is conflicting with the one provided by Akelos framework for handling form elements.

    Is there any way to handle this situation without having me to change the name of my model since tags is the most appropriate name for this functionality.

    I would also like to propose here that the names of the default helpers should also start with ak as is the case with classes to avoid more such conflicts.


    Aditya, right now there is no other way than renaming your helper, prefixing the helpers with Ak as you suggest will prevent this from happening again, so it would be fine to have that feature for version 0.9