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    Ok, this is driving me nuts. This line causes "..FATAL ERROR: Call to a member function get() on a non object...":

    <?php echo $form_helper->hidden_field('parts_orders',$i.'__TxnLineID',array('value' => @$parts_order['TxnLineID'] )); ?>

    While this one works fine:

      <?php echo $form_helper->hidden_field('parts_orders',$i.'__location',array('value' => $parts_order['location'] )); ?>

    Both fields exist.. hmm... But TxnLineID does not exist in array parts_orders. Shouldn't the @ symbol make php ignore the absence of a value in a variable? I'll keep plugging away.

    • CommentAuthorsuthern

    FYI: I solved this in my case by doing this:

      <?php if(isset($parts_orders['TxnLineID'])) { ?>
        <?php echo $form_helper->hidden_field('parts_orders',$i.'__TxnLineID',array('value' => $parts_order['TxnLineID'] )); ?>