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    • CommentAuthorkkrzyzak

    Hi. I'm using admin.tpl in all of my controllers, used with admin module. However, I would like to set other layout for one of my controllers(like user/login user/logout). I've tried renderWithLayout function, however, it always loads admin.tpl. So, question is: How to load custom layout in controller connected with plugin.


    Hi kkrzyzak, there was a bug in Akelos that prevented layout changes on modules. I've just fixed the bug on rev.577. You can update your working copy.

    • CommentAuthorkkrzyzak

    Hi bermi, I've updated my copy,but it still don't works (or I just can't set template) I've tried: // $this->renderFile('login',true,'login'); $this->render(array('template'=>'login','layout'=>'login') ); My layout is login.tpl, view is admin/user/login.tpl view is displayed well, however - without any layout.

    • CommentAuthorpweil
    I'm seeing a similar problem. I've got a custom controller under admin. It has a method that calls my 'inventory' layout:

    $this->render(array('template' => 'testFind', 'layout' => 'inventory'));

    My page -- admin/resource/testFind.tpl displays fine -- except that there is no layout at all. I just updated akelos to 632, and the problem is still there. Is there still a bug, or it it something I'm doing wrong?