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    Is there any way to see the queries executed by Akelos for a given action? CakePHP shows a nice 3 step debug information which includes queries, time taken by each query and var dumps of objects.

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    Set AK_DEBUG in your ./config/config.php to true:

    define('AK_DEBUG', true);

    This shows at least the queries.



    In your config/config.php file add

    define('AK_LOG_EVENTS', true);

    If you're on a linux/univ server you can use see the log by typing (google "tail for windows" for getting win utilities for viewing the log)

    tail -f log/development.log

    At this point Akelos only includes information about the requests and the SQL queries. Benchmarking is not fully implemented yet.

    Additionally if you nee to add custom logging like model details you can do it with

    $Logger =& Ak::getLogger(); // logger singleton instance & is not needed on PHP5
    $Logger->message('Model '.Model->getModelName().' details: '.$Model->toString());

    Hope you find it useful


    Thanks to both of you. I am able to see the queries now and looks like I have another problem. I am trying to debug it right now. Will post here if cannot find solution.

    Can anyone join on IRC !!


    Aditya, please update to the latest trunk, I've solved some serious issues introduced recently that might be the cause of most of your problems.