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    • CommentAuthoralake

    From the root of my project, I entered

    ./script/plugin install dynamic_finder

    Returned to me were these lines:

    Installing dynamic_finder

    My problem is that dynamic_finder was not installed. How can I determine what went wrong?


    Alan, mea culpa.

    Dynamic finder was dependent on an esoteric/experimental/risky class I didn't remember to include into the trunk (still don't know if it will last)

    I've removed the absurd dependency and now you can reinstall the plugin by removing


    and then running

    ./script/plugin install dynamic_finder
    • CommentAuthoralake

    Thanks, Bermi. I just want it for an example.

    I am using Ruby docs to document "How to make an Akelos plugin." I also need to experiment to confirm what I am reading. In the process, I'm creating a PHP script that may be able to be used to create a "script/generate plugin xxxxx" feature. When I have a working/documented plugin, I'll begin to port the geokit. Wish me well.

    BTW, I haven't found anything analogous to AkPlugin in the Ruby docs. If I were creating a plugin of a whole subsystem (model, view and controller), I'm going to have to figure out where AkPlugin would have to be used.

    • CommentAuthorpauld

    Perhaps the plugin script does not work from behind a proxy server? I had some difficulty installing the dynamic_finder plugin from behind a proxy server on Windows XP/PHP 5.3.1 with cygwin (or from a windows command window). The commands

    ./script/plugin discover


    ./script/plugin install dynamic_finder

    just returned nothing (apart from warnings re "Assigning the return value of new by reference is depreciated...). Only

    ./script/plugin source http://svn.akelos.plugins

    returned "Not added: Connection error for repository...". (The domain is invalid anyway). Setting

    define('AK_BEST_PLUGIN_INSTALL_METHOD', 'http');

    did not help. Setting environment variables http_proxy and PHP_PEAR_HTTP_PROXY did not help. In the end I added the following to lib/AkHttpClient.php in function getRequestInstance after the line:

    // Use proxy when defined in envronment variable http_proxy
    if (getenv('http_proxy')) {
        $_proxy = parse_url(getenv('http_proxy'));
        isset($_proxy['port']) ? $this->HttpRequest->setProxy($_proxy['host'], $_proxy['port']) :

    I'm sure there is a better way of using the plugin script from behind a proxy, but what is it?