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    Hi everyboby,

    i'm trying to implement a simple inheritance like that

    class Item extends ActiveRecord {}


    class Book extends Item {}

    class Pencil extends Item {}

    In my database, i have only 2 tables books and pencils.

    When i call the listing action (on book or pencil) from my view , i have an error like "Fatal error: Ooops! Could not fetch details for the table items. in /../akelos-fwk/lib/AkActiveRecord.php on line 2617"

    Why Akelos try to access to the table items and it's possible to bypass that action ?




    What is the point of extending the item class if they both have different tables?


    Thanks Riffed for your help.

    Now it's working fine

    function __construct(){
         $attributes = (array)func_get_args();
         return $this->init($attributes);


    • CommentAuthorKaste

    I think this would be a one-liner, to make the single table inheritance optional. somewhere in ->getTableName ´if blah then´ ....